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Sedona Sacred Earth
Guiding pilgrims on Turtle Island sacred sites since 1993
Hopi Land
We will visit the ancient sacred lands of the Hopi in an all day journey including visits to the 1,000 year old villages of either Walpi or Old Oraibi, the longest continuously inhabited places in North America .  This will include a cultural immersion with some of the following activities: a visit with a traditional Hopi family and a traditional meal, remote seldom-seen areas of the reservation, and a visit to at least two villages and significant cultural sites. You will receive an overview of the culture, history, and customs of the Hopi people who have lived on these mesas for over 1,000 years from one or more traditional Hopi Land residents.
Flat rate of $625 for up to four people and $125 for each additional person over four. 

*Please note:  On the Hopi reservation, certain areas can be guided only by Hopi people.  There will be additional fees for the Hopi guides.