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While normally associated with the traditions of North American Indians, the medicine wheel is, in fact, a pan-cultural, pan-temporal symbol found in one form or another on every continent.  In the Americas, medicine wheels or similar symbols have been found from northern Canada to Tierra del Fuego.   In short, the medicine wheel is a symbol of the entire creation that sanctions sacred space for the purposes of prayer, meditation, and deepening our understanding of our relationships to the timeless aspects of creation.  This journey takes you to a beautiful wheel in Sedona where we will focus on your personal vision, healing, or other spiritual intentions that you wish to pursue. I will  guide and support you in enriching your spiritual, physical, and emotional health through the stories and ancient teachings of this powerful symbol.  

Medicine Wheel journeys start at five hours and include visits to several Sedona sacred sites and scenic vistas and a full introduction to Sedona.

One Person: $75/hour
Two people:  $345 for four hours and $395 for five hours
Each additional person is $85 each
Each additional hour is $80/hour for up to six people.

The medicine wheel journey can be combined with hiking and other land journeys. For groups of seven or more, the additional flat hourly rate is $125.

Customers can pay online via our virtual terminal.  We accept Pay Pal & credit or debit card for deposits only.  The balance can be paid by cash or check. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account to make a deposit on the Pay Pal site. The credit/debit option is on the left hand side of the page when you click on the button.  
Sedona Sacred Earth
Guiding pilgrims on Turtle Island sacred sites since 1993