Sedona Sacred Earth
Guiding pilgrims on Turtle Island
sacred sites since 1993
One person: $65/hour (4 hour minimum).

Two people or more: $225 for the first person, $70 for each additional person for the first four hours.  Your journey can be extended for as long as you desire for a flat rate of $70 per each additional hour.

**The ideal journey length is five hours or more hours  in order to get to more remote locations and savor  them.

Medicine Wheel teachings can be incorporated into your land journey, or can be experienced separately. For example, I often do four hour hikes with a one hour Medicine Wheel teaching added to the wilderness adventure.

Deposit:  Journeys under five hours require $100 deposit to hold your space.  Journeys five hours and over require a $200 deposit.

Grand Canyon Journey
                                     eight to twelve hours

Flat rate of $595 for up to four people.  $95 each additional person over four. 

Deposit: $200

                        Hopi Nation Journey
                                     ten to twelve hours
Flat rate of $625 for up to four people and $95 for each additional person over four.

Deposit: $200

                  Sacred Waters Journey
                                        six hours

$375 for first person; $75 for each additional person. 

Deposit: $200

                  Three to Four Day Retreats

I facilitate three and four day retreats for healing, grief and depression counseling and other special situations. I assemble a crew of top notch professionals, including acupuncture, equine therapy, Soul-mapping, and spirit-centered life coaching, along with a variety of specialized sacred land journeys.

Cost: by arrangement

Sedona Land Journeys and Hikes
            from four hours to a full day
Journeys under 5 hours require a $100 deposit to hold your space.  Journeys over 5 hours require a $200 deposit.
Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable as of two weeks prior to the journey date.  If you cancel prior to two weeks before the journey date, we will refund 50% of your deposit.


Journeys under five hours require a $100 deposit to hold your space.  Journeys over five hours require a $200 deposit to hold your space.

Customers can pay online via our virtual terminal.  We accept Paypal & credit or debit card for deposits only.  The balance is to be paid in cash, or if that is impossible, with a personal check. You do not need to have a Paypal  account to make a deposit. The credit/debit option is on the left hand side of the page when you click on the button.